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Here comes the storm in form of a girl

To wrap you round fingers like ebony curls

Wednesday’s child is full of woe

Draped in midnight secrets that whisper below

In blackest of nights, pierce your heart at its core

In seep her dark secrets to hold forevermore

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This limited edition collection is bought to you in celebration of Halloween; Christmas and valentines for the black of heart. These tides of woe welcome in the of the darker side of the year and all the excitement it brings.

The My Little Death Trap pendant and the My Little Storm cloud statement studs are one of a kind, all other items will be made to order until the end of February.


So sink your claws into one before they’re gone forever.

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Deep in the woods beneath a black rock

As the clock drips the last of its tocks

Here I live, the scaled spy, venomous viper

And I wait, a coiled whip, a master, a sniper

I’ll wrap around your dreams and squeeze

To slowly bring you to your knees


Surrender to the Viper. These oxydised silver statement studs have their eyes set with black Sapphires

Asset 1bHD.png


Hovering heavy from room to room

Steadily drinking down the gloom

A mournful dirge, on sorrow I feed

I take your hope, your light, your need

Your rapture for this new found abyss

I will touch you like a tombstone’s kiss


Dip your finger in the abyss. The Black Cloud ring is black oxydised silver dusted with a smattering of black sapphires and black zircon

Asset 1bHD.png


Under desert moon we’ll dance till death

The stars all hung with baited breath

A jagged jig we waltz through the gutters

From where I tell you we’ll gaze on celestial sputters

Hold you close, as you look into my eyes

Your gaze turns to haze with my sting’s sweet surprise


Sting your lobes with a sweet surprise. The Scorpion earrings are 18ct gold satin matt finish statement studs

Asset 1bHD.png


How did you find me in all this black?

Why did you come when there’s no turning back?

This bottle-break heart, this rotten meat

Will cut you down from eyes to feet

Pregnant with poison, ripe with decay

You had better run faster, run run, run away


Treat yours or someone else’s bottle-break heart to the Death trap pendant. A hand fabricated, engraved pendant with moving barbed heart edges riveted into place and hung on a diamond cut curb chain

Asset 1bHD.png


I’ve been looking for more ways to make you seethe

To climb the walls, to grow new teeth

Come bite me until you beg me to not

Spread my waves of malaise with my tendrils of rot

Devouring your mind like a deep set dementia

From me, with love always, your Little Tormentor


Love, the ultimate tormentor. The Tormentor rings are an unconventional knuckleduster in the form of ‘ring shackles’. Hand hammered into cement for texture and dramatic effect.  Show someone you care them by binding them to you in love and peril or purchase for yourself as a statement piece. Oxidised silver open bands with chain linking the two.

Asset 1bHD.png


Snatching you up from your dull little day

In this blender you’ll surrender to be spat far away

Shards of screams like a Banshee, a Gorgon, a Siren

Cut clear through sky, and rain down fists of iron

Scathing down torrential pain

Break your will, brain and bone again and again


Let the storms consume you. One lightning, one rain. The Storm cloud earrings are statement studs that are layered, textured, and oxidised silver with hanging chains and lightning bolt detail. Silver and 18ct gold finish.

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